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Personalized Approach
As part of FA Homestay’s dedication to our student’s safety, our extensive network of host families have been carefully screened. When we receive your homestay application, we do our best to match you with a great host family that fits your needs. We frequently visit the host families’ home to ensure our students are provided with appropriate accommodations while living in the United States.

About Us

Application Support  
Haven't applied to your school yet? If you are not working with an agent and haven't applied, let us help! For some schools, we can get you a discount and even discount on your homestay costs!
Insured and Guaranteed

At FA Homestay, we make sure all our students, host families, and company are insured in case anything happens. Living abroad can be scary, but we are here to help make the transition easier for you!

We are available 24/7 in case of emergencies. You can call us at any hour and we will be there to help you!


Full Service

Our full service program is designed for high school students. In our full service program, you will receive a quality homestay with regular visits. Fahomestay will act as your legal guardian for any emergency or school services. Includes cost of homestay, visits, medical insurance, and more. We will attend important school meetings and visit your teachers, as necessary.

Homestay Services

We also offer homestay services for students living in San Diego. These services can be for high school or college students. We can include meals, or no meals in your homestay. We have host families all over San Diego and can find THE right host family for YOU.

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